Wachovia Internet Banking

A Guide To Wachovia Internet Banking

It is a great relief to know that many banks today have decided to go online in an effort to provide banking services to consumers in a more convenient way. The internet has been a big help, of course as it has evolved into a powerful channel that enables people to do a lot of things without having to do a lot of legwork. Internet banking is just among the positive result of this unique technological innovation.

Wachovia Internet Banking

The Wachovia Bank is a highly respected financial institution in the U.S. that has responded to the online banking trend. It is a part of the Wachovia Corporation, a reputable financial services company that does business all across the U.S. catering to both consumers and commercial customers. The Wachovia Bank which operates some 700 branches in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Florida is the 16th largest bank holding company in the country. 

As a leading provider of internet banking services, this bank caters to a big chunk of customers banking on the internet which is among the highest percentages in the country. Its online business which can be found at www.wachovia.com was created in 1996 under the bank's e-business program. The management says it is committed to providing efficient, technology advanced and attractive e-business to existing and potential clients. 

Wachovia prides itself in being the first bank in the U.S. to offer fully transactional banking and investing services on its highly rated website. The site features a wide array of transactional capabilities that allow customers to apply for different types of loans and credit products. Online retirement and insurance services, asset and wealth management services are also available. 

Its cutting-edge functionality is a major feature of Wachovia's internet banking. On its site, real-time transactions can be accomplished including opening savings and checking accounts, transferring funds among bank and credit card accounts, paying bills, viewing account information and certain brokerage balances and downloading statement data to personal financial management software such as Microsoft Money and Quicken. Also, the platform enables customers to send and receive secure messages utilizing an online customer service center.

Banking through the bank's website is as safe and secure as doing transactions in its different office branches. The management assures that their platform not only uses a simple and customer-centric approach but ensures a high level of security and confidentiality as well. Security and privacy are still the top priority of the bank and to provide a safe banking environment to consumers, it makes sure to use only the highest encryption protocol similar to that used by top national security organizations. 

Another noteworthy security feature of the Wachovia site is its use of passwords in about 51 percent of its internet banking customer service calls and emails. With this function, only legitimate account holders can gain access to customer service. 

Functionality and simplicity are also what the Wachovia website boasts of. These features are meant to promote an easy-to-navigate platform that would not give customers much difficulty and confusion when transacting business online. 

Wachovia is dedicated to enhancing its financial products and services according to the needs of its consumers so there's no reason not to try doing business with this bank. 

Wachovia merged with Wells Fargo Bank in December 2008.

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