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First Internet Bank was one of the first internet only banks which began operating in 1999. First Internet Bancorp is a holding company that operates its banking services through its subsidiary, First Internet Bank of Indiana. First IB has no branches and therefore operates without the costly branch network of other banks. These savings are passed on to their customers in the form of better rates, lower fees, and convenient online account access. It provides the best support and has been around for a very long time. Most people consider it to be the number one internet banking choice because of it's advance features and amazing support.

First IB Online Banking

First Internet Bank provides users with all the services they need at home or on the go!

Account holders are able to get all their required tools with much lower rates and 24-hour account access that can be found online. One of the best features of First Internet Bank is that they offer real time transaction processing. Generally banks rely on batch processing which means that you'd have to wait for the next day to see the results of your transaction. With First Internet Bank you don't have to worry about that at all!

First Internet Bank provides the same types of items that general brick-and-mortar banks offer. These services include business banking such as CDS and checking account as well as loans such as home equity loans and even installment loans. You can also get traditional banking services like IRAs and credit cards.

Once you have done this, as long as everything went through properly and there were no problems, then you should be into your account and able to access all of the different features. If at any time you do experience any problems, there are various troubleshooting guides available as well as a fully trained and reliable customer service staff that are available, live, to help you and answer any questions you may have.

As an internet banking solution, First Internet Bank is considered one of the best. They allow their account holders to pay bills directly online, buy things like checks, CDS and so many more things directly online. They are the complete one stop internet banking solution. You can also request a wire transfer. First Internet Bank is the perfect internet banking service for nearly everyone.

First Internet Bank Credit Cards

Use your First Internet Bank credit card to pay for everyday expenses or keep on hand for emergency situations. A First Internet Bank checking account and credit card allows you to view account information, make real time credit card payments and advance funds from your credit card to your checking account.

Find out more about First Internet Bank credit card options.

First IB Job Opportunities

Looking for a career in the banking industry? Follow the link below to search current job opportunities at First Internet Bank. Apply for a job with First IB and begin your finance career today!

Career opportunities with First IB - First Internet Bank Jobs

Latest First IB Online Banking News

First Internet Bank announced that it will take part in a project to increase and enhance student mentoring programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in an effort to produce qualified applicants to fill projected job openings in these fields.

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First Internet Bank of Indiana is a Member of FDIC