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Etrade Online Trading

E*Trade Financial Corporation has it's company headquarters in New York. Etrade first introduced itself as an online discount brokerage firm, allowing investors to purchase and trade investments online.

Because such a service requires a deposit account for every customer, it has since expanded to provide basic banking services, including checking and savings. Thanks to its position as a major online brand, E-trade has established itself as a competitive internet bank.

Etrade Online Banking Services

The online investment firm also provides internet banking services to thousands of customers who may or may not utilize its online trading functionality. High-yield money market savings accounts are the primary product for conventional banking customers seeking higher interest rates through E-Trade. Currently, E-Trade provides one of the highest interest rates for depositors who utilize its savings accounts.

Etrade competes with other major online banks, such as HSBC, thanks to its established deposit base and internet banking utilities. Depositors have free reign over the proper use of the funds within their accounts for trading investments, account transfer, and new account transfer. Customers also receive nearly the same checking and withdrawal benefits as customers at other conventional banks.

Etrade Online Investment Tools

The bank also offers a wide variety of investment tools for customers seeking to conduct their own research before using the trading option. Up-to-the-minute stock, bond, and fund information can be funneled through a variety of channels, ranging from standard RSS syndication to mobile devices. For any bank customer with a disposable income desiring investment, or merely to monitor their retirement accounts, E-Trade provides a lucrative incentive to switch from other banks.

E*Trade 360

E*Trade 360 gives you everything you need to manage your investments. Get real time information to track the markets and place trades.

E*Trade 360 Features

Conventional banks are continually adding investment tools to try to compete with online brokerages such as E*Trade. As a result, commissions are at an all-time low and promotions are nearly a fixture. Overall, if a bank customer desires to have quality investment tools at their disposal while retaining all the services of a standard bank, E-Trade provides a great option.

E*Trade Mobile

Anything you can do online you can now do from your smart phone or tablet. Download E*Trade Mobile via SMS or text message. Stay connected to the markets and your accounts, no need to miss a great deal!

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