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Westpac Banking Corporation

Westpac Bank is Australia's first bank established in 1817 as the bank of New South Wales. In 1982 it became Westpac Banking Corporation. Westpac services customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the near Pacific region as well as maintaining offices in key financial centers around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

A Guide To Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac Internet banking is one of the many online banking options that you have in today's world, and there are many things that are important to learn about this particular option. They are a financial institution that was first established in 1817, and thus has a lot of experience and expertise under their belt. They have branches and affiliates all around the world, and as well they maintain offices in various key financial centers.

Their operations comprise five specific areas in particular, and these are: Business and Consumer Banking, which includes everything from deposit taking and transaction accounts to credit cards and other lending; BT Financial Group Australia, which comprises their asset accumulation and investment management operations in Australia; Westpac International Bank, which provides various financial services to the corporate and industrial customer base; New Zealand Retail, which provides a full range of retail and commercial services to customers throughout New Zealand; and Pacific Banking, which provides a full range of deposit, loan and transaction account services.

Benefits of Online Banking with Westpac

Westpac Online Banking is now even easier to use. Westpac offers you even more control of your finances with self service options that allow you to bank anywhere and at any time. Personalize your online banking experience with new features for online, mobile and tablet banking.

Westpac Online Banking

There is really nothing that you are not able to do with Westpac banking Internet services, and this includes: viewing your accounts, transferring funds, making payments, and updating details and personal information. You also save a lot of money, because you get a certain number of free monthly transactions with your Westpac account, not to mention the various other savings options that you have available.

Westpac Bank Australia

Once you have made yourself as informed and knowledgeable as possible on the option of Westpac online banking, then it is time to decide whether making the switch is the best option for you. Sure, there are plenty of advantages and benefits that you can receive from switching to Westpac banking Internet services, but at the same time there are certain people and certain situations in which switching banks is not always the best idea.

Talking to a financial advisor is a great idea, because switching banks is a very big deal, especially if you are planning on going to one that only offers online services. A financial advisor will be able to help you out in this area, as they will be able to sit with you and determine your particular situation, and figure out what would be the best idea for your specific case.

Westpac Mobile Banking

Westpac mobile banking allows you to access your bank accounts from anywhere and at anytime through the use of your smart phone. You do not need to be sitting at your computer or go to the branch to complete most day to day banking transactions. It is a safe and easy way to control your finances. You can conveniently view your account balances, transfer money between your Westpac accounts, schedule and pay your bills, and find a Westpac branch if you need to.

Westpac Credit Cards

Westpac offers a variety of credit card options to suit your purchasing needs.

Find out more about Westpac's credit card options.

Westpac Online Investment Banking

Westpac Online Investing offers you a variety of tools, insight and support to manage your investment portfolio. On the go access of your online trading portfolio over the phone, via your tablet or from your desktop.

Westpac Job Opportunities

Looking for a career in the banking industry? Follow the link below to find current job opportunities at Westpac. Search for a job with Westpac and begin your finance career today!

Westpac Career opportunities

Latest Westpac Online Banking News

Westpac is currently running trials with Google Glass and other wearable devices in efforts to afford customers access to their bank accounts. If successful this functionality would be extended to bank transfers, account alerts, and branch locator.

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