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AIB, AIB Bank, AIB Group are registered names of the Allied Irish Bank which is one of the big four commercial banks in Ireland offering a full range of personal and corporate banking services.

AIB Ireland, offers an array of different banking features, many of which you cannot find with any other financial institution of its kind.

When it comes to AIB Allied Irish Bank internet banking options in particular they are truly unique, and there are many different banking features that are important to learn about here.

AIB Online Banking

Getting started with AIB Internet Banking is incredibly easy, all you need to do is to register for aib online banking. Once you have completed the AIB registration process, which would include giving your personal details such as your name, address, telephone number and so on, then you will receive a registration number and your personal access code, which is typically given to you automatically at first and then you have the option of changing it to whatever you want afterwards.

You are going to need both your registration number and your personal access code in order to be able to complete any Internet banking tasks. Once you have everything and are ready to log on, you just go to the AIB personal banking website, see below in AIB Internet Banking Resources section, then find the 'login' link on the screen, enter the appropriate information, which would be your registration number and then your AIB Internet Banking personal access code.

Once you have done this, as long as everything went through properly and there were no problems, then you should be into your account and able to access all of the different features. If at any time you do experience any problems, there are various troubleshooting guides available as well as a fully trained and reliable customer sales staff that are available to help you and answer any questions you may have.

You can view various different accounts online, including: AIB branch accounts, home mortgage accounts, finance and leasing accounts, ark life policies, and credit card accounts. As well, you can apply for loans right online. You can apply for any loan that is between $1000 - $20,000 and you can choose to repay the loan over a period of 1-5 years. You can also choose whether you want to make the loan repayments on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly basis. Again, if you ever have any problems during this process, you can contact a representative of the bank who will be able to help you through it and answer any questions.

AIB Internet Banking Advantages

There are many advantages that you gain from using AIB Internet banking, namely the peace of mind and convenience that you will find from using these over regular banking services. You do not have to be Internet savvy to complete Internet banking tasks, and especially if you work late hours and often find yourself having to hurry to the bank before it closes after a long day of work, you more than anyone will appreciate the ease that comes with Internet banking services.

Other AIB, Allied Irish Bank's personal and business services are extensive and include banking needs for current accounts, AIB Mortgages, AIB Click credit cards, AIB insurance, AIB personal loans, pensions, investments and AIB travel insurance.

AIB Mobile Banking

AIB offers their registered phone and internet banking customers access to their popular internet banking services using their smartphone. Customers can access these services using their web browser or by downloading AIB Mobile Banking App. The services available using AIB Mobile Banking include, check account balances, check available funds, transfer between accounts, view recent transactions and payments, pay bills, and transfer money to a third party in Ireland.

AIB Credit Cards

Allied Irish Bank offers a variety of credit card options to suit your purchasing needs.

Find out more about Allied Irish Bank credit card options.

AIB Online Personal Loans

Need some extra money to complete a major renovation, pay for a trip of a lifetime, or pay for your daughter's wedding? AIB enables you to apply for a personal loan online, via internet banking. Loan approval online in as little as 3 hours! The amount you can borrow is based on your ability to make regular payments. Interest rates are variable however your regular repayments stay the same. If you wish, you can pay off your loan early by making unscheduled additional repayments through your branch or via internet banking at any time with no penalty!

AIB Insurance Products

Quality insurance products at the right price!

Latest AIB Online Banking News

AIB to add chat and more self service features to their internet banking site.

AIB Bank Job Opportunities

Looking for a career in the banking industry? Follow the link below to find current job opportunities at Allied Irish Bank. Search for a job with AIB and begin your finance career today!

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