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Tough times have hit the Bank of America and the US Federal Government granted a 20 billion dollar bail out to the Bank of America to save one of the largest banks in the USA.  

When choosing an Online Internet Banking bank, one needs to carefully evaluate who and where you do your banking with as these are uncertain times. Bank of America has made safety and identity security the focal point of its internet banking efforts. The tier-ed security system it provides are some of the most regimented in the industry.  Customers must pass through several stages of security before accessing their internet banking accounts.

Bank of America Security

The first stage is a simple password, similar to other internet banking applications.  It is subject to the same case and number standards of other internet banking applications.  Beyond this stage, the user is then asked to provide the answers to three personalized questions to continue.  Finally, the user is asked to identify a customized picture only they can identify, know as their “SiteKey.”  After identifying the SiteKey, the user enters their password to continue to their online accounts.

This system, accompanied by world-class identity theft and support, makes Bank of America one of the most secure Internet banking systems in use today.   Customers are alerted to changes in their account that may reflect identity theft or a misuse of their account.  In addition, the online internet banking application allows users to view checks online and cease the delivery of paper statements, allowing for greater identity security.

Besides security features, Bank of America's internet banking application offers similar features to its competitors.  Customers can view statements and recent activity, transfer money between accounts, and pay bills using the service.  The bill pay feature requires no fees or additional postage, giving customers a financial incentive to use the service.

Overall, the Bank of America internet banking system is one of the most internet secure and feature-filled available on the market today.  If you are a bank customer who is most conscious about internet banking security, using Bank of America's system is as close as you can come to a fully secured interface.

Web Internet Banking Note: The Bank of America continues banking with the aid of a US Federal Government bailout of 20 billion dollars along with other assistance. More Bank of America news can be found at

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