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A Guide To Internet Banks

Instead of using the online banking services offered by your high street bank you may decide to use an internet only bank. These direct banks offer the same banking services as bricks and mortar banks without the high fees! You can access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your desk top, tablet, or mobile phone.

Your Internet Banking Options

There are quite a few different Internet banks that are available for you to choose from at the present time, and new and innovative ones are constantly being released onto the market. As with almost anything else, however, there are a few in particular that are especially worth noting and it is these which will be discussed in further detail here.

Internet Only Banks or Direct Banks

Internet only banks or direct banks are a good alternative to bricks and mortar banks as their low overhead allows them to offer higher interest rates and lower, or no banking fees which make them an attractive option. You still need to do your research though, to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Below are a few internet only banks that you might consider.

GoBank is a banking service that was designed for the age of the smartphone app. You can access many of the features of a traditional bank right from your iPhone or Android device.

Canadian Western Bank

Canadian Western Bank or CWB is one of the best Internet banks available, and they are a financial institution that prides themselves on being able to offer online banking solutions designed to fit the needs of their customers. Their Internet banking services offer functionality and flexibility, which everyone needs and wants, and they offer enhanced security, using the following measures to do so: user authentication via password, customizable risk management, a detailed audit trail able to be provided, and as well you have the option to create stop payments.

They offer an array of different services, including value banking, which is a particular type of banking account in which you can customize it to be most appropriate and suited to you and your particular needs.

Canadian Western Bank Online Services

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Handy Canadian Western Bank Branch Locator: Canadian Western Bank Bank Locations

Some of the features that they offer include that of: no account keeping fees, convenience and flexibility, wide range of options including specialty options, 24/7 access, and security. You are able to complete all of the regular day-to-day banking activities that you would normally need to, including moving funds, paying bills and checking account balances.

There are various other Internet banks that you can choose from as well, and most likely the bank that you are with now offers at least some form of Internet banking, if you are interested. Just make sure that you find out all the details before moving forward with something such as this and getting too far ahead of yourself.